Resilience stands on several pillars - Ferdinand Saalbach is your speaker for mental health

How consciousness paves the way to more resilience

Our world affects us in many ways and can wear us down if we forget to work on our resilience. It seems only logical that mental health is becoming more and more of an issue and that depression is among the most wide-spread diseases of our time. Thus, speakers for mental health are also on the rise.  

To conquer the world with resilience and stability, it is necessary to be aware of the four pillars that our mental health stands on: genetic/organic predisposition, life burden, life choices and social situation. 

As a man who suffered from severe depression over several years, I admitted myself to analytical psychotherapy. Over the course of four years, I learnt a lot about influencing factors in your daily life and also about the importance of formative (and often traumatic) experiences in the childhood. 

The knowledge that came with the therapy did not only cure me from depression – it also provided me with resilience, volition and motivation to start a career as a self-employed artist. Since January 2020, I work as a freelance moderator, musician, author and speaker. Although all stages closed in March 2020, I did not give up – using the resilience and strength I acquired through the crisis before the crisis. Nowadays, I am economically (and of course mentally) stable and live a happy life. 

I am glad to be able to share my experiences with companies throughout the globe. – as a speaker for mental health with the personal story of overcoming depression and thus showing that even from the darkest hours positive development can arise. 

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Speaker for mental health: Ferdinand Saalbach
Ferdinand Saalbach speaks about inequality in the world and how it affects our mental health

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